Carmel Partners’ approach to development employs a balance of strategy and imagination. With every opportunity we strive to strike a successful balance between ambitious development visions and investment fundamentals.

We are experts in identifying value potential. Value is added through our extensive development and redevelopment experience and the expertise of our in-house construction staff. The development team works with the acquisition team to determine the business plan, scope of work and the required capital budget for improvements.

By harnessing in-house talent, we can tailor flexible solutions to specific assets and markets.

Sample Projects:


Location: New York, NY
Site Size: 0.18 acres
Number of Units: 476
Retail: 8,000
Status: Construction
Website: tbd

8th & Olive

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Site Size: 1.05 acres
Number of Units: 363
Retail: 10,000 sf
Status: Construction
Website: tbd


Location: Glendale, CA
Site Size: 5.48 acres
Number of Units: 507
Status: Construction
Website: tbd


Location: Northridge, CA
Site Size: 4.27 acres
Number of Units: 338
Status: Construction
Website: alderapartments.com


Location: Pleasanton, CA
Site Size: 16.0 acres
Number of Units: 345
Retail: 38,000 sf
Status: Construction
Website: tbd


Location: Hercules, CA
Site Size: 1.88 acres
Number of Units: 147
Retail: 8,000 sf
Status: Construction
Website: AventineHercules.com

325 Lexington

Location: New York, NY
Site Size: 0.087 acres
Number of Units: 125
Retail: 2,100 sf
Status: Complete
Website: 325Lex.com

Loft House

Location: Sunnyvale, CA
Site Size: 1.5 acres
Number of Units: 133
Retail: 7,000 sf
Status: Complete
Website: livelofthouse.com


Location: Denver, CO
Site Size: 11.6 acres
Number of Units: 390
Status: Construction
Website: WestendDenver.com


Location: Denver, CO
Site Size: 16.5 acres
Number of Units: 408
Status: Construction
Website: PearlDTC.com

The Waypointe

Location: Norwalk, CT
Site Size: 5.9 acres
Number of Units: 465
Retail: 60,000 sf
Status: Construction
Website: TheWaypointe.com

8th & Grand

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Site Size: 2.99 Acres
Number of Units: 700
Retail: 50,000 sf
Status: Construction
Website: eighthandgrandla.com


Location: Broomfield, CO
Site Size: 10.98 acres
Number of Units: 220
Status: Complete
Website: RockVue.com


Location: San Diego, CA
Site Size: 8.9 Acres
Number of Units: 332
Retail: 9,000 sf
Status: Complete
Website: BLVD63.com

Carmel Pacific Ridge

Location: San Diego, CA
Site Size: 13.2 Acres
Number of Units: 533
Status: Complete
Website: CarmelPacificRidge.com

Carmel The Village

Location: Mountain View, CA
Site Size: 5.6 acres
Number of Units: 330
Retail: 42,600 sf
Status: Complete
Website: carmelthevillage.com

Colfax & Osage

Location: Denver, CO
Site Size: 3.36 acres
Number of Units: 288
Status: Pre-construction
Website: tbd

Water Tower Flats

Acquired: Arvada, CO
Site Size: 10.34 acres
Number of Units: 324
Status: Sold in 2010 to Cornerstone.
Awards: 2008 Impact Community Grand Award and 2008 Most Outstanding Model Award

Bradburn Row

Location: Westminster, CO
Site Size: 1.22 acres
Number of Units: 325
Status: Sold in 2013
Website: BradburnRow.com
Awards: 2004 Masters of Masonry Design Brick Honor Award

UC Davis West Village

Location: Davis, CA
Size: 130 acres
Number of Units: 660; 343 single family homes
Retail: 42,500 sf
Status: Complete
Website: UCDavisWestVillage.com