Carmel Partners

In a World Where the Investment Landscape May Vary, Our Integrity Never Will

Since our founding in 1996, Carmel has been focused on sustaining a culture committed to the principles of responsibility, integrity, and alignment of interests.

Our process and platform deliver significant expertise at every point in our project development, providing stability that defies the whims of market cycles and inspires confidence.

Guiding Investment Principles

Take a fiduciary approach to investing throughout market cycles.

Sustain a competitive edge through multifamily specialization.

Identify target markets that are relatively supply-constrained and have high barriers to entry.

Act with rigorous creativity in highly competitive environments to take advantage of misperceived or overlooked opportunities.

Execute through a vertically integrated platform to acquire, build, optimize, and realize value.

Think and act like an owner.

Vertically Integrated Platform

Our vertically integrated platform is critical to our success. It informs our decisions at every point of the development process. It allows us to deliver well-crafted multifamily properties with vision, focus, and precision.

Our investment platform includes dedicated in-house teams of skilled professionals who work collaboratively to integrate the knowledge and insight needed to consistently execute our value creation strategies.

We believe our ability to control the process, from the deployment of capital to building assets with our own construction management, sets us apart. Our collaborative approach integrates resources from all of Carmel’s in-house teams, including:

  • Development
  • Investments
  • Asset Management & Marketing
  • Investor Relations & Research
  • Accounting & Fund Management
  • Capital Finance
  • Construction
  • Human Resources
  • Legal & Compliance
  • Tech & Business Intelligence